Advancing Leadership and Innovation

Driven to reduce student debt

Advancing Leadership and Innovation

Driven to reduce student debt


First Year Student,
College of Science and Engineering

Vanderwarn is just one U of M student who has benefited from the Libraries’ Partnership for Affordable Content initiative, which realized $2.1 million in savings on course materials for University of Minnesota students in the 2016-2017 academic year.

I was already feeling overwhelmed with the cost of attending college, so when I was told the reason that there was no required textbook to buy was because it was online for free, I felt relieved. The savings could be put towards groceries and other basic needs. Plus, the ebook was available immediately, and I could access it nearly anywhere instead of needing to lug around a physical book.”

Driven to expand the horizons of research

Driven to expand the horizons of research


Associate Professor of Quantitative Ecology
Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, Conservation Biology

Fieberg routinely deposits his research materials in the Libraries’ Data Repository for University of Minnesota (DRUM), a publicly available collection of digital research data generated by U of M researchers, students, and staff. Anyone can search and download the data instantly or by request.

DRUM provides me an opportunity to increase the impact of my research by making my raw data and computer code available to others — who are then able to expand on my work.”
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Invest in library leaders and innovation

$4 million

The University Libraries has been a trailblazing service provider and problem solver on a number of fronts. In response to rising costs of higher education, for example, our innovative staff developed the Partnership for Affordable Content, a collaborative effort with faculty that saves our students money on textbooks and other course materials while improving the curriculum. When the federal government required that data from federally sponsored research studies be retained and shared, our staff created a national model, known on campus as DRUM, the Data Repository for University of Minnesota.

New funding will allow us to engage more faculty and graduate students in the creation of new programs and services that benefit the University of Minnesota, other public and private colleges and universities in Minnesota, and researchers and scholars from around the world.

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Support inventive projects within the Libraries
Provide project support for groundbreaking research
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Driven to reduce student debt

Driven to help others succeed

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