Enriching The Student Experience

Building Skills to Bright Futures

Enriching The Student Experience

Building Skills to Bright Futures

Our libraries are instrumental in helping students become skilled health care providers and helping faculty members succeed in their critical roles as field-shaping scholars and teachers.

Your investment in early education, student fellowships, and faculty development opportunities will engage new students in the health sciences, and support applied knowledge projects and advanced technology training.

Support skill development

How we’re building skills to build bright futures

Captain Celery saves the day, thanks to the 1:Button Studio!

BREAKING NEWS: The Sugar Bandits are on the loose, luring children towards childhood obesity. No need to fear… Captain Celery is here! With the help of his sidekicks, the Public Health Nurses, he can defeat them for good. This story is just one example of how the Libraries’ 1:Button Video Recording Studios can support student learning and effective healthcare.

Your contribution matters


Supports a student’s attendance at a hands-on workshop


Funds a microgrant for faculty innovation


Brings elementary and high school students into the library to learn about health sciences research


Endows a Curator or Emerging Technology Strategist

Our spaces provide numerous distinct naming opportunities for donors who want to invest in the next generation of inquisitive health providers. Contact ?? to learn more about naming opportunities.

For more information, please contact Heather Beaton, Director of Development, University Libraries, at 612-624-8207.